About Us

north hill is a menswear brand launched in 2014 by three self-taught friends: Christophe, Michael and Zihad. The project takes the streets of the northern districts of Paris as its major source of inspiration.
"Inspired by the north of Paris"
When we arrived in Paris in 2010, we were captivated by the bustling streets of the north of the capital. From the street vendors of Barbès to the flea markets of Saint Ouen, as well as the historical Butte Montmartre and the nightlife of Pigalle, these warm and mixed boulevards have a unique feel.
Beyond the fact that these streets inspire our creative process, our clothes also have the particularity of being made in workshops from these same northern neighborhoods of Paris.
"Produced in the north of Paris"
Manufacturing locally means allowing ourselves maximum creative freedom. It also means working with people we trust, in mutual respect and with the objective of supporting an endangered know-how in Île-de-France.
We design our clothes in our creative workshop in Pantin. We ensure the quality of our products by selecting the best fabrics from our European manufacturers, and then produce our collections in experienced partner workshops, all located a few kilometers from ours.
Once completed, our creations are distributed in our store in the 3rd arrondissement of Paris, on our website, as well as at a selection of resellers around the world.
Today, our team brings together around ten people from all walks of life, reflecting the cultural diversity of Paris' northern districts.