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Atelier North Hill

Textile production. Merchandising. Worker clothing.
The North Hill atelier takes you through the whole clothing design, development, and production process.

First of all, you present your project to us. We identify your needs, and the goals of your campaign.
Then, we chose together what production method suits your project best:

  • - Existing clothing basics (this suits all kind of merchandising or promotional clothing)
    all available products:
  • - Custom cut-and-sew (develop your own pieces or collections with us)

According to your needs, we can design visuals and logos, based on your image and graphic identity.

These are to be added to the garment through one of the different techniques that you can chose from: screen printing, digital printing, embroidery, etc.

The production lasts from two weeks to two months, depending on the product.
And, if you need it, we also provide marketing services, such as photoshoots, and communication solutions.

Some of our works

Who we've worked with so far


18 rue Labat, 75018, Paris

Come see us, grab a drink, and discuss your project.
CONTACT: Zihad Dubois | +33 6 68 29 28 26 |