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Core Collection - A collection specially made for our community

core  [ kawr, kohr ] 1.the central, innermost, or most essential part of anything.

north hill is the story of 3 friends who decided to launch their brand. In the beginning, the idea was to share their vision of fashion, mixed with an undeniable love for Paris. Over the seasons, the project and the team grew. The distribution and intermediary network too, leading to a raise in our prices. 

The Core Collection is the brand's return to its roots with more timeless products, outside of the fashion cycle. This collection will be sold exclusively on our website and our flagship store. No distributors = no additional margins, which means more affordable prices.

Always produced in the north of Paris. Despite the more affordable prices, the quality of our products and production ethics stayed uncompromised. As usual, our products are designed and produced in the north of Paris with our partner workshops.