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North Hill - About us

North Hill is a clothing label emerging from the history and urban culture of the northern hillock of Paris, Montmartre. Apex of the city, this neighborhood has forever crystalized the fight for freedom, through Art and War.


Artists, revolutionaries. All came on the hill to push back their limits and defend the idea of each’s right to pursue his own way in life.


To honor this hotbed of creativity, and to claim legacy for the utopias of past martyrs, we perpetuate the history of Montmartre and keep the youth culture alive through fashion, signing an ode to all the freedom seekers of The Hill.


Without forgetting the icons of the past, we shine a light on a whole new generation of free minds by celebrating artistic beauty in all forms, no matter its origin and domain.


We share in the most accomplished ways our vision of urban fashion, while seeking to unify a true North Hill community, a multicultural ensemble reaching as a whole, way beyond the boundaries of Montmartre.