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Private hill - Welcome to the private club

On the occasion of the new project "Private Club" by Jazzy Bazz, EDGE and ESSO LUXUEUX, north hill and the three artists decided to revisit emblematic pieces to offer a capsule of four exclusive products in very limited quantities.  From the universe of the three rappers with the expertise of our Parisian ateliers, we drew our inspiration from the nocturnal atmosphere of private clubs in order to create original pieces.
Sober and efficient, the pieces inspired by a vintage and workwear atmosphere were imagined around the bright color red, used on our corduroy, the stitching or the special illustrations "Private hill". These details illuminate the pieces, like neon lights through the night. The pieces of the collaboration are composed of a subtle mix of noble materials such as corduroy, denim, or jersey fabric. As usual, our products are designed and produced in the North of Paris.
"The fact that our first collaboration is with Jazzy Bazz, Edge and Esso Luxueux is very symbolic for us. Our heart is Parisian, we are crazy about music and our approach is authentic" says Michael Friggit. Passionate about music and hip-hop, history would record that the 3 brand’s founders met for the first time Jazzy Bazz in 2012 after his concert.
Originally from the north-east of Paris, Jazzy Bazz, EDGE and ESSO LUXUEUX have been friends for about fifteen years. With the Private Club, the 3 rappers offer us an original project on which each one expresses his talent of entertainer. Pushing the doors of the Private Club, is a gift to yourself with a dive in a universe with a fantasized reality, where all is voluntarily exacerbated. All three have been fashion enthusiasts for years: "It's a subject that speaks to us. Clothing has become an extension of oneself, a way of living and thinking. We wanted to extend the Private Club experience with a brand that shares strong values of sincerity, independence and creative exigency," says the trio when talking about this unique collection.
Launched on May 15th as a preview for north hill members, almost all the pieces were sold out in 24 hours.