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Roche Musique x north hill 'Accidental Meanings'

For this beginning of year 2022, it is with the Parisian music label Roche Musique that we collaborated around a collection called 'Accidental Meanings'. In reference to the beautiful "accidental" encounters we all had, provoked by passions, common interests, which in retrospect guided our path and brought us where we are today.

It is united by a mutual taste for music and clothing that a collection of ten pieces was created.

A capsule collection entirely made in Paris and unisex, composed of a vintage outfit - coach jacket and pants - a DJ bag and two tees featuring a brand new logo merging our identities, and the slogan "accidental meanings" accompanied by a poem written by Clarisse Prévost.



Talents :

Cezaire - Roche Music founder
Chris - north hill co-founder
Freddyskitchen - Chef Diadie Diombana
Narrated by Clarisse Prevost