Bigflo et Oli, Caballero et Jeanjass en vetements North Hill

Caballero & Jeanjass, Bigflo & Oli… the transmutation

Six months ago, Caballero & JeanJass unveiled their "High & Fines Herbes" mixtape that came along with their eponym culinary show. They promised crazy featurings and collaborations as well as crazy recipes and quality products.

The collaborations' list is indeed extensive. The smokey and famous belgian duo brought together some great names: Oxmo Puccino, Roi Heenok, Rim'K, Swing,Vladimir Cauchemar, Isha, Lomepal, Mister V, Di-Meh, Alkpote, Shayfeen, Madd, Luv Resval, Youv Dee, Chilla, Lefa or even Liza Del Sierra 

The Bruxelles-Toulouse connexion was revitalized by the drop of a new music video directed by Jeremie Levypon and produced by Studio Matière Première. Alkpote makes a mystical appearance right before sending JeanJass & Caballero inside the bodies of BigFlo & Oli and vice versa. A total mockery of a video, which is a good reflection of the song produced by Todiefor & Clément Libes.

Thanks to Mélodie Giraud, the videoclip's stylist, you'll find the artists wearing North Hill full looks during the first part of the song, especially ou  Green Short Sleeve Shirt, our Brick Corduroy Shirt and our SS20 t-shirts

Extrait du clip Biglo & Oli, Caballero & JeanJass


Bigflo et Oli habillés en vetements North HillBigflo et Oli, Caballero et Jeanjass habillés en vetements North Hill

Photos by @odieuxboby 

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