Dear Bolek

Dear Bolek

In May, we decided to launch a new collection: the Core collection. This new range was especially designed for our community, and it gathered designs with the desire to advocate our love for Paris, and more precisely the North of Paris. Amongst some of our creations, a tee-shirt caught the attention of close family member: The Liszt tee. 

The design of this piece was imagined around a kiosk in the 9th arrondissement, known for its large selection of old and more recent books, but also for the man who runs this kiosk. This man is "Bolek". 

Boleslas Zwolak, known as Bolek, has been running this kiosk for many years, and is known in this Liszt square where he is present every day. One of our relatives knew this gentleman and it is from this news that we decided to go and meet him in order to take some pictures of his home, to show the man who manages this place. This moment was also the occasion to inform him of the existence of our creation and to exchange with him on the photo that we had taken of this kiosk.  

The chance of life made that our paths cross. We wanted to share with you this story that gives life to this piece we designed. 

The t-shirt is now sold on our website, and a few pieces will soon be available at the kiosk at 7 place Franz Liszt, where you can meet Bolek… 


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