FRAICHE x north hill - 'PIERRE DE PARIS'

FRAICHE x north hill - 'PIERRE DE PARIS'

We are starting this spring 2022 season with a brand new collection in collaboration with the Parisian label FRAICHE.



We have always been in a local production process, in short circuit, and each collection we release tries to respect a production mode with a reduced impact on the environment.

When we met Matthieu and his brand FRAICHE, we found an echo to this way of working and this led us to think and design together this collection "Pierre de Paris ».

FRAICHE, founded by Matthieu Ruiz, is a brand of clothing with plant-based dyes. Natural, raw and spontaneous, the brand brings together craftsmanship and a contemporary vision of fashion. From his creative workshop in Paris, all the dyes are made according to an ancestral process and know-how, mixed with a more modern aesthetic and experimental research.

Each product is designed to limit its impact on the environment as much as possible, and this is how FRAICHE's fashion is sustainable, transparent and circular at the same time.

In addition to offering fashion with vegetable dyes, the FRAICHE brand develops its own plant-based colours, creating new and unique shades.

For this collaboration, we have developed a special colour together, using plant extracts such as madder, reseda and chestnut (the latter two being grown in the Pyrenees in organic farming). The colour resulting from this mixture of plants will be called "Pierre de Paris", in reference to the colour of the stones in the large Parisian quarries, one of the reference points of this teamwork. 

Each product, hand-dyed using an artisanal process, is unique. Although the gesture is similar, each piece inevitably comes out differently. Inspired by the tie&dye technique, we have developed a new technique for this collaboration where the textile is tied to stones, thus offering a raw, rocky random shapes.                                                                                                                 

"Pierre de Paris" includes four silhouettes from our "Core Collection": a pair of trousers, a jacket and two tote bags. Through the work and vision of FRAICHE, these pre-existing products are given a second life, a new lease of life through hand-dyeing.

The collection is exclusively on sale online in pre-order and in limited quantities, with only 30 pieces made per product.




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