Clothes 4 Creatives - The Chef

Clothes 4 Creatives - The Chef

As true art lovers, and convinced that art can be expressed through so many mediums, we always had the desire to launch a line that would be fitting to the creative industries.
We're pleased to announce that we're launching our 'Clothes 4 Creatives' line, focusing on making clothing for creatives and for this first capsule, focusing on Chefs.

The line is composed of an apron (available in two colors) meeting all the technical expectations a Chef may have, blended in the north hill aesthetic. There is also a Chef button-down shirt in cotton poplin, as well as a t-shirt coming in two colorways.
All pieces are designed and produced in Paris Nord in our workshop.

This collection was born from our desire to dress creative people, whether they are chefs, musicians, painters and many others.
For this unique capsule, we worked with our friends and Chef at le Corner Lab.

Le Corner Lab is a concept studio evolving in the culinary world, experimenting with timeless dinners, events, and powerful images. Corner Lab is the combination of two creative minds, Sylvain Roucayrol and Delaney Inamine - minds with very different backgrounds in food service and architecture respectively. The duo works alongside various partners to create concepts that blend design and cuisine in different branches.
Whatever the project, the leitmotif remains the same: create timeless and authentic connections through the kitchen.

The capsule is now available in limited quantities and only for one week.
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