more life

more life

Our MORE LIFE program aims at extending the life of our clothing. A garment that lives longer is less textile waste, a more reasoned consumption and a positive impact on planet Earth. Here are our three commitments with the MORE LIFE program

send my clothes


We offer a free clothing repair service for life for all our products - however old they are, regardless where they were bought from. For all repair inquiries please head to our physical store or send us a message at


We are committed to buying your north hill products that you do not wear anymore. To send us back your products, you just have to fill our form. You will receive an e-mail allowing you to send us back your north hill garments without any fee. Once we get your package, you will receive a confirmation e-mail with a discount code that you can use on all products of our website and physical store. For more information on the buyout prices for north hill products, please take a look at our price list.

envoyer mes vêtements


Thanks to your returned garments we’re continuously creating an ethical collection exclusively consisting of new upcycled pieces. Throughout the seasons, our creative studio works on producing unique garments made out of your second-hand clothing and/or leftover fabric scraps, in order to supply the MORE LIFE collection. The MORE LIFE line is fully available at our Parisian store and partly on our webshop.